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Resetting the Standard

For half a century, a standard has been set for 15 ton rough terrain cranes. With the discontinued production of many of these cranes, Ohio-Louisiana Crane meets today's challenges with the OLC 150.

If It Ain't Broke, Improve It

Many of the discontinued predecessors of the OLC 150 do a reasonably fine job of the tasks they are assigned. Ohio-Louisiana Crane could have very easily recreated these machines with the same capacities and features. Then we asked ourselves, why not make them do the job better? More efficiently?

The OLC 150 has taken many of the design elements of cranes over the years and incorporated them with modern features, improvements, and efficiencies. A team of engineers, end users, and service technicians provided the inspiration for these design enhancements. This new machine not only performs better, but meets all current regulations and standards.

Unmatched Features

The OLC 150 has several unique features for the 15 ton rough terrain crane industry. The most notable are:

  • 160hp Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine

    This Tier III diesel engine meets all current EPA and Clean Air standards.
  • 6 Speed Transmission

    The Dana long drop transmission with 6 forward and reverse gears mates perfectly with the Rockwell axles.
  • Upgraded Axles

    These axles feature all wheel caliper disc brakes and parking brakes. The rear axles are equipped with anti-slip technology, and the front axle has a convenient "axle disconnect" feature, making the OLC 150 a truly versatile all terrain crane.
  • Modern Swing Mechanism

    The swing mechanism features a hydraulically powered planetary drive system with an internal wet brake. This swing mechanism can simply be removed from below the undercarriage for service.
  • Versatile Boom Capabilities

    The four-section boom of the OLC 150 can be retracted as short as 20' and extended as long as 64'. This boom uses high performing polypropylene wear pads.
  • Expansive Cab

    The ergonomic cab design of the OLC 150 allows for easy entrance and egress. An additional 5" of seat track adjustment compared to prior designs ensures a comfortable operating position for a variety of users. Modern instrumentation, safety devices, factory installed air conditioning and heating, and tinted glass create a safe and comfortable cabin for operators.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability

    The OLC 150 utilizes a "stored energy" hydraulic steering system, which meets all current SAE specifications.
  • Advanced Winch System

    The OLC 150 uses a winch powered by a planetary drive system with a sealed wet disc brake and proven cross line relief.
  • Standard Safety Features

    • The OLC 150 utilizes hydraulic accumulators for emergency steering and braking capabilities.
    • Hirschmann PAT load moment indicator and anti-two block system feature positive lockout on crowd, boom, and hoist.
    • The outriggers feature a "positive down" indicator light system.
    • The hook-block has been redesigned with an improved becket and wedge access
    • New, state of the art digital instrumentation complete with engine diagnostics and fault code displays

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